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Illini Eye Juco Stud Desmond Lee

New Mexico Junior College has now risen to the #10 ranking nationally largely behind star guard Desmond Lee, who at better than 22 points per game is one of the top prospects in junior college basketball.

Lee, who stands 6'4, is being recruited by top programs from around the country, now has Illinois from the Big 10 conference stepping up their interest as Lee continues to see his recruiting stock explode.

We caught up with Lee to get an update on his game and well as his recruiting.

How did it go with Illinois?
“They are really interested in me. The head coach called me and said that he wants to get out here to see me and talk to me to face-to-face. They want me to know they are really serious about me.”
How is the recruiting process going at the moment?
“A couple schools have contacted me like Baylor and they came out here the other day to see me vs. Howard. Rutgers called me the other day, Washington has called me, Auburn, Arkansas, Butler, Creighton, Miami, Murray State, and a couple of other schools.”
When it comes times to make a decision what are you looking for in a school?
“Some place where I can just play my game and play a lot of the game. Play some place that just let's me play my game and that lets me play through my mistakes. If I make a mistake I’m trying to play through it.  Some place that will treat me like I’ve been there two years already or whatever the case may be.”
Talk about how the season is going as a whole?
“As a team we are playing good, and we are playing really good defense and alright offense. Our defense is carrying us right now and you know most teams really don’t want to lock down on defense. That’s one thing we have discovered as a team that we put defense first to create our offense. Other than that everyone is playing well as a team. Individually I feel like I am playing at a high level. Whenever my team needs a bucket I will be able to get it for them.”
Break down your game and what you do well?
“My strengths are making plays and getting to the basket. I try to get to the foul line as much as possible and get my game going. I can also hit the outside shot. I try and get my game going by penetrating and pitching to find the open man. I am a all around creator. Defensively I really try and get up you in and deny you the passing lanes making it tough for you to get the ball. My weaknesses are off the ball defending sometimes I get caught watching.”
Would you say you are in no hurry in regards to picking a college?
“I’m in no hurry to make a decision on which college I want to go to. I’m just going through the motions and doing a lot of research on every school that is recruiting me or is interested in me. I’m just taking my time I don’t want to rush anything.  There isn’t going to be a situation that is perfect, but there is a right fit for me. I just want to take my time with the recruiting part.”